About Gail Kaplan


From Gail:

Through my work runs a singular idea,” fantasy.” The themes explore a “fantasy of place”, whether it is a found architectural site or a site which has been created exclusively for the photograph. Also branching out form the main theme are bodies of work which deal with the fantasy of “story”. The voiceless characters speak to the narrative some may recognize but never quite complete. The histories are ones which can be imagined but not verified. The images do not come from dreams one might have in a sound sleep. Rather, they come from moments of idle thought, allegorical connections, visions that are nonsequiur and random flashbacks to some previous time. Each image below represents a gallery. Please click on an image to explore the body of work.

I hope you enjoy taking a look around. Your tour ʻis partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.

-Gail Kaplan



Born lives and works in Chicago, Illinois

Extensive exhibition record

Extensive world travel


The Ohio State University BA 1969

Northwestern University MA 1971

School of the Art Institute of Chicago MFA 1980