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While visiting a ceramic studio connected to a farm in Michigan I came across anamazing assortment of free range chickens. They were “variety in motion”. I watched the movements and interactions of both the individuals and groups. Each frozen moment told a story. The assortment of exotic breeds left me thinking that I had never before considered chickens to be particularly beautiful or have personalities. This event, minor though it was, stoked a curiosity into the nuances of the mundane. Here, beside a country road was an almost endless palette of color, texture, movement and interaction. Each frozen moment told a story. Evidently, preconceptions about the nature of things often turn out to be totally wrong. This project consists 35 images using this group of chickens. I see it as both portraiture and street photography with this chicken society as the focus of exploration.

Limited edition of 10

Process: • Process: Digital Image, Archival inkjet print (Size: 191/2” x 191/2”)
Price: • $800 + Shipping